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The GCCA’s mission is to promote and enhance the cultural exchange between Chinese and American cultures, in the areas of music, dance, arts, education, and other relevant fields. This will enable to enhance the broad scope of the exchange programs and activities with our sister organization – GCCMS (Greater Cincinnati Chinese Music Society).


We specifically seek to create a portfolio of an active and lively Chinese community in Cincinnati through such actions of enhancing the Chinese-American community activities and creating goodwill through the presentation and sharing of these activities, bringing Chinese musicians and artists to Cincinnati, and driving the exchange activities.


Furthermore, we hold several regular activities every year and conduct fund-raising events throughout the year to support activities of the GCCA and the Greater Cincinnati community in fostering Chinese culture through the GCCA Fund.


The GCCA assists members of the Greater Cincinnati community in encouraging and developing action projects by administering grants as funds are available through the GCCA fund to make these projects possible.




Board Members

President: Jay Tao

Treasurers: Qing Wang and Bernice Chou

Secretaries: Oliver Chen and Weiling Huang

Website/IT Manager: Mac Cheung

Public Relationship: Fei Liu

K12 School Program Director: Rhoda Weston

Program Director: Yan Liu

Hospitality Service Director: May Wu

Ticketing and Volunteer Team Director: Hong Yang

Event Promotion Director: Mae Fang


Advisory Members

Liz Lin, Xiaojie Zavon

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Our Mission

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